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Welcome to Go Direct Online Store

Go Direct Online Store leads the online marketing field in Malaysia in terms of providing consumers with quality household as well as commercial products. In view of e-Commerce industry is growing rapidly in Malaysia, Go Direct Online Store will facilitate you to purchase the products you need at the comfort of your home, and get your orders deliver to your doorstep without facing the traffic jam hassels. Go Direct Online Store aimed to deliver that goal by offering, quality, fast, convenient and secure online shopping experience with a wide variety of products offered by the market's leading brands like TOYOGO, Clover and other branded products, whether is produced  in Malaysia or from overseas. Go Direct Online Store strives to change the life style of consumers towards a better,  quality and healthy lifestyle standard.


With quality that is top-notch in this industry and prices so low because we source our products. Go Direct Online Store offers TOYOGO Brand household products such as TOYOGO plastic container, TOYOGO storage box, TOYOGO storage drawer, TOYOGO storage cabinet, TOYOGO food tray, TOYOGO plastic box, TOYOGO chairs, TOYOGO plastic basket, TOYOGO stationery items, TOYOGO storage containers, TOYOGO food-grade containers, TOYOGO garden wears and TOYOGO dustbins. In addition, Go Direct Online Store also provide commercial and industrial products such as TOYOGO security containers, TOYOGO step dust bins, TOYOGO plastic pallet, TOYOGO hand truck, TOYOGO industrial containers, and amongst other things.  TOYOGO Brand household products is widely available and used by consumers in Singapore, HongKong, NewZealand and Australia. TOYOGO Brand is a leader in household products, and  always maintain its quality and robust design in product construction. TOYOGO always strive to be innovative in product development in order to produce cut to edge products to meet the current fast changing enviornment. 


In addition to TOYOGO wide range of high quality household products, CLOVER Brand offers other household products to fulfill the needs of other segment of consumers, such as CLOVER pet carrier, CLOVER pet cages, CLOVER plastic furniture, CLOVER table wares, CLOVER food storage, CLOVER collapsible container, CLOVER collapsible basket, CLOVER beehives, CLOVER recycled box, CLOVER hygiene series etc .  CLOVER branded product is widely available in a lot of developing countries, such as  Japan and United States,  although it is manufactured in Malaysia.  The technology of production is inherited from Japan, which aims on quality and precision manufacturing products, and is better or comparable with products produced by well developed countries.